Kris kringle parade

At the end of the local tournament season Joshua, Timothy & Anna Gibson presented the Middletown Food Bank with the can goods and other food items that were collected as registration fees at our four tournaments.


For 2016 the Knucklers decided to hold it's very first and very successful autumn Keepsie tournament with lots of new kids coming by to learn the game of marbles. Many thanks to Doug Watson and his kids from the Anne Arundel Marble Club for their participation.

Third Annual Regional Tournament

National Championships




On Saturday, April we held our 2016 Keepsie Marble Tournament. It was a great success with terrific weather, four new players and a lot of kids taking home lots of marbles. Many thanks to our guest marble collector and expert, Mr. Marv Thompson, who came up from Silver Spring to help the kids identify their new collections. At the end of the tournament Mr. Thompson gave each of the kids a bag of four very special marbles out of his collection.

On Saturday,  May 9th, we held our Frederick Championship and the Unleashed Technology Open marble tournaments which were preceded and followed by rain………..but during the tournaments the weather was terrific! Many thanks go to Megan and Scott Greenwell of Unleashed Technologies for their sponsorship of the tournament. In the Unleashed Technology Open Ela and Lauren come in first and second in the girls division while the brothers Giacomo and Giovanni won first and second in the boys division. In the Frederick County Championship tournament Lauren and Landon both earned the title of county champions while the runner-up positions are held by Ela and Joshua. The coveted sportsmanship award was presented to Timothy for his display of positive enthusiasm towards his opponents. 

Roland Nelson Memorial and Middletown Valley Tournaments


Autumn keepsie tournament


This year we only took 5 players to Wildwood. The first day had the Knucklers seeing success with two of the kids in the top eight; Lauren in fifth place with a respectable 14 and 4 record and Tim in eight place with 9 wins and 5 losses. Our biggest surprise was with young Landon who at his first trip to WW was tied for tenth after the first day with a 9 & 7 win/loss record. Both Ella & Jack held their own in the middle of the pack. Day 2 started out well with all of our champs playing well. Tim and Lauren were still both in the top eight and the others have all moved up a place or two in the standings. It was a mid-day activity that stands out……..a boat ride thru a near tornado. There were lots of anxious moments and tears but no one got hurt. However, everyone and thing did get soaked. At the end it was a successful week with both Tim and Lauren competing in the semi-finals. Landon did very well for his first year with an eleventh place finish. Ella finished a very respectable 14th place and she beat some of the top players during her run of 23 wins. Jack placed 19th with a .313 win/loss percentage……not bad for someone who just started shooting marbles. All of our kids along with the parents and coaches had a great time. 

Cooper Fisher, our 2014 National Champion, completed a multi task Eagle Scout project for the improvements to the Middletown Park marble rings. The improvements were made possible by a donation made by the Francie’s Family 5K which is held each year in memory of Francie and her three children, Chandler, Gavin and Fiona. Cooper’s project included the planting of shade trees, setting a flagpole, erecting a storage shed, repainting the rings and borders and the installation of a memorial bench in memory of Claire Knight, a local high school student who was killed in a car accident. Great job Cooper, we’re all very proud of you and all your hard work organizing and completing this great project.


This year the Knucklers marched in the Kris Kringle parade in down town Frederick. It was really cold and ready a lot of fun.  Looking forward to next year's parade.. 

COoper Fisher's Eagle Scout Project

On Saturday, June 4th, we held the 2016 Regional Tournament with boys and girls from Frederick County, MD and Lansdowne, PA.


The fourth annual Frederick County Marble Collector Show & Festival was Held on Saturday, April 2nd at the Frederick County Fairground. It was our biggest show yet with eighteen vendors and even bigger crowd attending the show than last year. The "Contraption" was back with a knock the dominos over feature.

Frederick County Marble Collector Show & Festival


It was another less than perfect weather day for a marble tournament, but the Roland Nelson Memorial and Middletown Valley tournaments were successfully completed with the award of trophies and the crowning of the 2016 Middletown Champions. In the RNM, Ella won first prize in the girl’s division with a perfect record and Tim won the boy’s division with and equally impressive perfect winning record. In the Middletown Valley Championship Tim and Giacomo ended up with identical ...results of 8 wins and only 2 losses but with Tim hitting out 4 more marbles during the course of the tournament he was crowned the champion. Sharon was the girl’s division and was crowned the Middletown girl champion. First year player Jack was awarded the prize for good sportsmanship. One of the highlights of the tournament was the raising of the flag on our new flagpole that was installed by Cooper Fisher as part of his Eagle Scout project. Joshua and his little brother Timothy led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Next tournaments are scheduled for Saturday, May 14th when we will crown our Frederick County Champions.

Unleashed Technologies and Frederick County Tournaments


Jack and Galvin’s window painting won second place in the First United Bank & Trust window painting contest and as a result of their successful effort the Knucklers will receive a $300.00 prize! While the painting done by Anna and Ella did not place, there were a lot of nice comments on their painting and as a result of both paintings there were lots of folks asking about our program. Many thanks and congratulations go out to all four of our kids for their hard work and success. 

Window art contest