The 2018 Season of Marbles is Underway !!

While the Frederick County Knucklers, a Middletown Rec Council program, is based out of Middletown where our marble shooting rings are located, we reach out to boys and girls ages 7 to 14 throughout Frederick County and in Frederick City. Throughout the year we reach out to over 600 kids through scouting, educational and other activities to introduce them to the fun of both playing and collecting marbles. We show them how to play the game of ringer on portable marble rings and then send them home with a free bag of marbles along with an invitation to pursue the sport of competitive marbles as a member of the Frederick County Knucklers. 

As a member of the Knucklers the kids learn the art of shooting a marble and then proving their skill in several tournaments throughout the spring and early summer months with the top players competing in a four day long national competition at the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey. This year we sent seven youngsters to that national event which celebrated its 91th anniversary.  
All this, from the free bag of marbles, the local tournaments, to the trips to Wildwood are provided at no cost to the children or their famil
ies. A policy of which we are very proud.


If your child would like to join the Knucklers and learn the fun of playing competitive marbles and the joy of becoming a collector don’t hesitate to contact any of the folks listed below for more information.
Art Staus – 301-371-5293 -
Ben Nelson – 301-778-2874 –
Mandy Young -

Another Great Year for the Knucklers at the 

2015 National TOURNAMENT

A Marble Program for Kids

While the club did not bring home either of the two big prizes, there is one facilitator along with three adult and three junior coaches who could not be more proud of a group of youngsters. Brooke Donald and Luke Gaffigan who earned their place in the best of 15 game finals were defeated by Emily Simkovich of Lansdowne, PA and Devon Loewendick of Cumberland, MD. Both Brooke and Luke accepted their runner-up positions with dignity, confident that they did their best. Tim DeLloyd, Lauren Young and Eyob Gaffigan also made it to the fourth day of finals completion. After three days of preliminary competition Tim had the best record of all the Knucklers with 31 wins and only 13 loses. We can’t summarize the 2015 tournament without taking special note of James Bongard’s efforts. After a disappointing first day performance which landed him in 18th place, James did not give up. Instead he shot some terrific marbles on Tuesday and Wednesday with 23 wins against only 7 loses to end up in 9th place, only one win away from playing in the final rounds. It’s that “I’m not giving up” attitude that makes James a very special young man. Katie Gaffigan had 19 wins to earn her a 17th place finish. To top off the week, Brooke Donald was presented the Best Sportsmanship award for the girls division. For everyone that knows Brooke, it was not a total surprise that she was considered for that honor. On Thursday evening our two 2014 Champions, Marilyn Fisher and Dominic Rudakevych were inducted into the Marble Hall of Fame where they joined Marilyn’s brother Cooper, along with several other Frederick County Knuckler past national champions, including coaches Ben Nelson and Emily Martin. All in all everyone had a great time and are looking forward to 2016.



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